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OpenVMS.org If you want to know what's happening in the HP OpenVMS world, this is the portal for you. The father of clustering and the most secure and stable operating system on the market. VMS is without a doubt "The Gold Standard" for computing.
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dba.OpenVMS.org dba.OpenVMS.org is a sub-site of OpenVMS.org. Links, information, forums and archives related to databases running on OpenVMS VAX, Alpha and Itanium platforms. Databases include: Oracle DB Server, Oracle Rdb, Mimer SQL, MySQL, etc.

dcl.OpenVMS.org dcl.OpenVMS.org is a sub-site of OpenVMS.org. Links, information and archives of DCL procedures for OpenVMS. DCL stands for Digital Command Language and is used to interface with OpenVMS, similar to Perl or shell scripting.

LinuxHPC.org Home of the Linux Cluster RFQ Form, One Form, 30+ Vendors. The fastest moving portal about Linux high performance computing, this portal keeps you informed about Linux clustering, grid and technical computing and also provides links and documentation.

WinHPC.org Windows High Performance Computing. WinHPC.org is a website for System Administrators, developers, and enterprise managers, offering recent industry news, events, mailing lists and links, etc. related to high performance technical computing and clustering with Windows.

Tru64.org The site that started it all for SpyderByte. Tru64 is the UNIX administrators' UNIX. Combined with the Alpha processor there was simply nothing that came close to its performance for years in the UNIX world.

Golden Eggs Diagrams Golden Eggs are HP Visual Diagrams and Configuration Guides. Matti Patari has been drawing Golden Eggs since the "good'ole" DEC days. This site contains an archive of Golden Eggs from the past as well as the newest offerings from HP. Golden Eggs are in the following catagories: Integrity (Itanium2), AlphaServers, Proliant (Opteron, Xeon), Cluster Platforms, Storage and other misc. diagrams.

Memorial Sites to a Couple of Good Friends:
ShannonKnowsHPC.com The website of the best-informed and most accurate analyst about all things HP, the late Terry C. Shannon (alias Charlie Matco). Terry passed away in May of 2005. His website has an archive of his newsletter, Shannon Knows HPC, (formerly Shannon Knows Compaq (formerly Shannon Knows DEC)). Terry's newsletter took no prisoners and kept everyone informed about everything related to DEC/Digital, then Compaq, then HP.

wiz.OpenVMS.org A memorial site dedicated to John Wisinewski. Called home on April 4, 2004, John continues to be a beloved member of the OpenVMS community and a dear friend. This site was created to give the community a chance express their condolences.

My other job:
Priddy Manor Assisted Living Annuit Coeptis - He has favored our undertaking. Priddy Manor is committed to successfully operating as a Faith based organization with the goal of being the leader in Adult Care service and objectives of reaching out to it's Residents in kindness, gentleness, patience, and mercy filling lives advanced in years with wonderful blessings, joy, and contentment.

Owned and operated by my wife, myself and my wonderful in-laws, Priddy Manor has been a blessing. If I'm not at home I'm probably at Priddy Manor maintaining the grounds or working at the farm across the street.

These websites ran for years but slowly faded away due to variety or possible reasons, usally it was either a lack of interest on my part, too much on my plate, difficulty finding assistance with original content or difficulty finding sponsors.

If you're interested in any of these sites and would like to assit with reviving them I'm certainly will to discuss the poddibility. Also, I'd be willing to discuss transfering ownership of the domains themselves.

EnterpriseLinux.org Focusing primarily on HP's Linux efforts in the medium to enterprise space, EnterpriseLinux.org is the one-stop location to get updated daily on Linux running on HP ProLiant, Integrity and Alpha.

EnterpriseUNIX.org Serving the Enterprise HP-UX Community. EnterpriseUnix.org is a website for System Administrators, developers, and enterprise managers, offering recent industry news, events, links, etc. related to the convergence of HP-UX and Tru64 UNIX running on the Itanium Processor Family.

BigBlueLinux.org Focusing primarily on IBM's Linux efforts in the medium to enterprise space, BigBlueLinux.org is the one-stop location to get updated daily on Linux running on IBM eServers.


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